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Landscape Architecture Logan, UT

Professional landscape architects in Logan, UT and design services. 

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Civil Solutions Group offers the following landscape design services in Logan, UT:

  • Commercial Landscape Design
  • Residential Landscape Design
  • Parks, Trails, and Recreation Planning
  • Plaza and Courtyard Design
  • Water Feature Design
  • Garden Design
  • Landscape Construction Administration
  • Water Conservation
  • GPS Mapping Irrigation, Trees and Plants


We offer full-service landscape architecture services in Logan, UT including master planning, landscape development, yard design, irrigation design, area design, GIS mapping, and trellis development. Before talking to a landscape service provider, landscaping business, or seeing a greenhouse to pick out plants, get in touch with Civil Solutions Group in Logan.

Civil Solutions Group also services Salt Lake CityProvo, and the surrounding areas. 

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Customer Review

“They truly offer friendly, professional, timely project completion within budget. They are in demand so they are very busy but will always keep their commitments and deadlines. I’m impressed with their quality individual landscape designs and their commitment to sustainable processes. Just look at what they’ve created around the new Logan Marriott commercial property by the Logan River on Main Street. Civil Solutions Group is a great company! I can unreservedly recommend them for civil engineering and landscape architecture. I’m positive they are top notch with all the other services they offer (geo-tech, surveying, wetland delineation, community and urban planning etc).” – Rike Hend

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Our vision at Civil Solutions Group is to provide communities with principle-centered work. This includes preparing healthy and balanced neighborhoods, designing and engineering sustainable sites, judiciously balancing natural resources, producing beautiful landscapes and ecologies, and developing renewable energy resources.

We offer landscape architecture and design services that help create beautiful, functional, and sustainable outdoor spaces. Our landscape architects in Logan, UT are experienced in designing for a variety of settings, from small residential gardens to large commercial projects and more. Whether you’re looking to update your front yard or design outdoor space to complement a new building, we can help you achieve your vision. 

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