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Professional landscape architecture and landscape design Provo, UT

landscape architecture provo ut


Civil Solutions Group offers the following services for landscape architecture and landscape design in Provo, UT:

  • Commercial Landscape Design
  • Residential Landscape Design
  • Parks, Trails and Recreation Planning
  • Plaza and Courtyard Design
  • Water Feature Design
  • Garden Design
  • Landscape Construction Administration
  • Water Conservation
  • GPS Mapping Irrigation, Trees and Plants


Civil Solutions Group is Provo, Utah’s and north Utah’s premier landscape architecture and multi-disciplinary development firm. Civil Solutions Group offers complete solution landscape architecture and landscape design in Provo, UT including: master preparing, landscape design, garden development, irrigation or sprinkler design, community layout, GIS mapping, planting design and trellis layout. Before getting in touch with a landscape specialist, landscape designer in Provo, Utah or going to a nursery to select plants consult with Civil Solutions Group to supply you with landscape development services. Civil Solutions Group offers industrial and residential landscape layout solutions.

On business or city projects Civil Solutions Group collaborates with engineers, real estate agents, designers, residential property management companies, cities, universities, and parks divisions. Civil Solutions Group offers incredible landscape architecture and landscape design in Provo, UT. Phases in development often feature website evaluation, conceptual layout, schematic design, layout development, building files, assistance along with bidding process, and construction administration. Contact our team for landscape architecture and landscape design in Provo, UT today for more information.


provo utah landscape design
provo utah landscape design
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