The many roles of an engineering firm for your project

The Many Roles Of An Engineering Firm For Your Project

May 18, 2021 | General | 0 comments

At Civil Solutions Group, we’re committed to creating sustainable structures that are built to last. Our team provides excellence at every stage of the process as the lead engineering firm in Jackson, WY

In fact, we can play many important roles in various stages and phases throughout your project. Our ultimate goal is your project’s success, which is why we aim to be your one-stop shop for all of the services you expect from an industry-leading engineering firm in Jackson, WY. 

Here are a few of our areas of expertise, and how we can serve you at each phase. 

Civil Engineering

We offer a variety of sustainable civil engineering services as solutions for complex problems. From water rights and resource engineering, geotechnical investigations, municipal utility design, residential development engineering, and everything in between, we offer a complete range of civil engineering services to make your project a success. 

Community Planning

We take pride in creating well-planned communities, including city planning, community master planning, form-based codes and zoning, trails and recreation, and so much more. Community planning is the backbone of Jackson, Wyoming, and we’re proud to serve you. 

Environmental Planning

We aim to design sustainable solutions through environmental planning, including ecosystem planning and design, wetland delineation consulting and permitting, Phase 1 environmental site assessments, transaction screens, FEMA flood certificates, and more.

Landscape Architecture

We’re proud to help create stunning landscape architecture for commercial and residential communities, parks and trails, plaza and courtyard design, water feature design, garden design, water conservation, GPS mapping irrigation, and so much more. 

Land Surveying

Land surveying is crucial for the development of subdivisions, annexations, and more. We offer a variety of land surveys for every possible land usage need. 

Form-Based Code

We’re proud to provide community improvement through form-based code consultations. Through this service, we’re able to help create walkable communities, general plans, and assist cities with ordinances. 

Geotechnical Engineering

We offer science-based testing and engineering analysis through geotechnical engineering to ensure your project is sustainable, safe, and built to last. We provide geotechnical site investigations, water infiltration testing, groundwater depth monitoring, HSA drilling services, slope stability analysis, and more. 

Expert Engineering Firm in Jackson, WY

Civil Solutions Group is your source for all things engineering in Jackson, WY. Our team of professionals is ready to help make your project a success, and an asset for the Jackson, Wyoming community. 

Contact our engineering firm in Jackson, WY to get started.

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