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Stand Out With These Unique Landscape Design Ideas

Jan 9, 2023 | Landscape Architecture | 0 comments

At Civil Solutions Group, we specialize in stunning, one-of-a-kind landscape design in Salt Lake City

Your residential or commercial property can look stunning and unique with a fresh landscape that will last throughout the Utah seasons! And a cookie-cutter design doesn’t have to be something you settle for. 

Here are some unique ideas to try with your landscape design in Salt Lake City

Creative Landscape Design Features 

  • Implement greenery in urban landscapes, like a tree in the center of an indoor space with a skylight above it. 
  • Add a swing or hammock to your outdoor space, either between trees or free-standing on a frame. 
  • Trim hedges in unique shapes, textures, or patterns. 
  • Try a desert or cactus garden. 
  • In or around your hanging planters, try repurposing glass containers or bottles to create mini terrariums. 
  • Consider a water garden. In a small body of water, incorporate aquatic plants and fish. 
  • Your garden doesn’t need to go dormant in the winter! A winter garden can be beautiful all year round. Plant winter berries and other shrubs and evergreen plants.


Landscape Design In Salt Lake City 

Ready to try one of these outside-the-box ideas for your landscape design in Salt Lake City? Civil Solutions Group can bring it to life for you! 

Contact Civil Solutions Group to get started on your next project for landscape design in Salt Lake City.

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