10 fun halloween design tips

10 Fun Halloween Design Tips

Oct 28, 2021 | General | 0 comments

This spooky season, your trusted engineering firm in Jackson, WY is here to share some fun, easy ways to make your home festive for Halloween!

Ideas To Spook Up Your Space 

  • Enjoy a craft with your family that doubles as a decoration by cutting out and hanging Halloween bats. 
  • Highlight your mantle by hanging a spooky garland. You can also add pumpkins, Halloween-inspired candelabras, and more. 
  • Make your porch a focal point with a wreath, pumpkins, skeletons, doormats, and any other pieces you love for the season.
  • Line your walkway with pumpkins, witch hats, cobwebs, lights, and other decor. 
  • Either outdoors or inside, hang floating decorations like witch hats, witch feet, bats, and spiders. 
  • Think outside the box with your pumpkin colors! Display a variety, and even try painting a few black or purple for a unique pop. 
  • Place Halloween candy (like candy corn) in dishes throughout your home. You can also add candy to your candle holders for a fun Halloween touch. 
  • Make your own Halloween wreath by gluing leaves, candy, paper characters, and more. 
  • Cut out or create your favorite spooky silhouettes and tape them to the inside of your windows. When the sun goes down and your lights glow from inside, these creatures will make your home look extra festive. 
  • Add sheets with paper or felt faces over your dining chairs for a ghostly look. 

Engineering Firm In Jackson, WY

We wish you a safe and memorable Halloween! As always, our team is here for all of your engineering needs for your home or commercial space. 

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