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Examples Of Common Environmental Planning Projects

Apr 12, 2023 | Environmental Planning | 0 comments

At the core, environmental planners work to reduce the negative effect individuals and communities have on the environment and instead boost a positive impact. 

Environmental planning is the process and work of preserving and enhancing the natural environment around us. The ultimate goal is to help communities and cities work with the natural environment rather than against it. 

The Impact Of Environmental Planning 

It’s inevitable that people have an impact on the environment. But that impact can also be positive through things like creating new habitats for birds and other animals or cleaning up contaminated rivers and oceans. 

Everything we do affects the environment, but through environmental planning we can work together to care for our planet and its future. 

Environmental planners are also involved in a variety of other projects, like the following: 

  • Developing recycling projects
  • Reducing the potential for outdoor petroleum or chemical spills. 
  • Parking lot construction, like installing porous pavement so rainwater absorbs back into the ground rather than being diverted to sewage pipes.
  • Creating rain gardens to naturally clean water.
  • Keeping pollutants out of public drinking supply by regulating where things are built and preserving lands involved in the water cycle. 
  • Developing solutions for diverting and storing stormwater. 
  • Planting additional trees in city parks or along streets to improve air quality. 
  • Ensuring various projects comply with environmental law. 
  • Deciding on and planning the construction of major hydroelectric dams.


Environmental Planning In Utah 

Two main goals of environmental planning are to reduce negative impacts on the environment and find opportunities to assist and care for nature. We can work together to accomplish these goals for your next project. 

We offer environmental planning services in Logan, Moab, Park City, Provo, Salt Lake City, and St. George. 

Contact Civil Solutions Group to get started on your next environmental planning project in Utah.

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