5 Winter Landscape Design Ideas

5 Winter Landscape Design Ideas

Nov 24, 2020 | Landscape Architecture | 0 comments

The cold, snowy winter season doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to the beauty of your yard. In fact, there are a few simple ways to add color and texture to your landscape. Enjoy the unique beauty at your fingertips this winter season with the following tips from our team that does landscape design in Salt Lake City, UT

1 – Incorporate berries in your landscape design.

There are many shrubs and trees with berries that stay during fall and winter. For example, holly is a stunning option that can add color and contrast amidst grey and white landscapes.

2 – Plant evergreens.

Evergreens come in various shades of green, gold, and blue. These trees provide deep color all year round and showcase a fresh blanket of snow beautifully. 

3 – Add hardscape pieces.

Remember to bring variety to your landscape with focal points like a trellis, arbor, bench, pergola, or sculpture. These will stay true year-round regardless of weather and can provide an added layer of charm to your yard. 

4 – Utilize your pots, planter boxes, and other landscaping containers.

Even if they won’t be showcasing spring or summer flowers, your window boxes, baskets, and other containers can still be beautiful features for your winter landscape design in Salt Lake City, UT. Fill planters with evergreen boughs, berries, and a variety of textures for a festive, wintery look.

5 – Include four-season perennials in your landscape design.

Perennials with evergreen foliage are perfect for winter landscaping. When selecting your plants, read the label carefully to see if that specific plant has winter foliage. 

Landscape Design In Salt Lake City, Utah

Our CSG team that does landscape design in Salt Lake City, UT can bring your winter landscape dreams to life. Create a winter wonderland you’ll love each season with help from Civil Solutions Group. We look forward to serving you! 

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