5 qualities to look for in a land surveyor

5 Qualities To Look For In A Land Surveyor

Sep 28, 2020 | General | 0 comments

While it may not cross the minds of those who work, live in, and enjoy the properties you build, land surveying and mapping is a critical part of making structures and communities thrive. For centuries, land surveying has been used in various engineering, construction, and mapping projects to help ensure its safety and success. 

The job of a land surveyor in Salt Lake City, Provo, or Logan, Utah is incredibly diverse. This role may include tasks like improving the infrastructure of communities, mapping out residential, commercial, and industrial developments, analyzing land for agriculture use, examining archeological sites, and more. Land surveying is a challenging job and no two projects are the same, so it’s important to find an experienced land surveyor who can navigate the unique elements of your specific project. 

Here are a few key qualities to look for to ensure you find a land surveyor in Salt Lake City, Utah that possesses the skills, knowledge, expertise, and professionalism needed to help your project come together smoothly. 

#1 – Strong communication skills.

Don’t overlook this often underrated trait of a land surveyor. Look for someone who is able to communicate clearly, confidently, and accurately both when speaking to clients and when drafting their survey findings. Communication can make a difference in experiencing a smooth, timely project that stays on track. 

The right land surveyor in Salt Lake City, UT will recognize all the nuances of each unique project, be able to explain all of the technicalities with precision and answer any questions you have along the way. 

#2 – The necessary tools that have been properly cared for.

It’s a given that having the right tools for a land surveying project is essential. However, it’s important to choose a land surveyor that has the highest quality tools that have been properly maintained to the highest standards, and who calibrates and tests those tools often. 

#3 – The right qualifications.

While the exact nature of the qualities to look for will vary depending on the needs of your project, choose a land surveyor in Salt Lake City, UT who has worked on similar projects to yours throughout their professional career. Diversity in their skills and abilities is also a good trait to watch for. 

#4 – Industry experience and a solid reputation.

Choose a land surveyor in Salt Lake City, Utah that stands by their performance. Look for guarantees, strong ethics, and confidence in their ability to take on your project. Also, take the time to seek out information about the company’s reputation by reading reviews from past customers. 

#5 – Processes for quality control.

While it may be difficult to predict how a land surveyor will perform beforehand, there are a few key indicators you can watch for. For example, ask questions about their process, including how a land surveyor takes steps to ensure projects are completed on time and how their findings will be supported with thorough documentation. 

Pay attention to their presentation prior to starting your project, including price estimates, the quality, and ease of navigation on their website, communication timelines, portfolios of past projects, and professionalism of their staff both in-office and on-site. This can say a lot about how a land surveyor firm cares about clients and their projects. 

Land Surveyor In Logan, Provo, And Salt Lake City, Utah

Technical skill is crucial, but there are several key qualities that separate a typical land surveyor in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas from the best in the business. By keeping an eye out for these often subtle yet valuable traits, you can make wise decisions to help you choose the most qualified land surveyor for the job. 

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