5 backyard landscape design projects to tackle this summer

5 Backyard Landscape Design Projects to Tackle this Summer

Jul 1, 2021 | Landscape Architecture | 0 comments

The hot, summer weather doesn’t have to mean you have to spend all your time in the air-conditioned sanctuary of your home. In fact, there are a few projects you can do to make your backyard landscape more enjoyable this season.

Enjoy the sunshine and summertime with your family and friends with the following projects brought to you by our landscape design and engineering firm in Jackson, WY, Salt Lake City, UT, Logan, UT, and the surrounding area.

#1. Add a Fire Pit

A fire pit is a great addition to any backyard! You can purchase a fire pit at a home improvement store, make one yourself, or rely on our team to design and execute a backyard plan that includes a fire pit. For DIY fire pits, we suggest digging a small pit and filling it with gravel or small rocks. Next, place stones or bricks in a circular pattern around the pit until it reaches the desired height.

#2. Create a Stone Walkway

There’s nothing better than a lovely stone walkway that guides guests through your yard. Be sure to take measurements and draw out the pathway so you know how many stones or pavers to use. Better yet, let us do landscape design in Salt Lake City, UT for you, and we’ll take care of that hassle!

#3. Get Outdoor Landscape Lights

You could spend hours looking at the wide variety of landscape lights you can purchase online or at home improvement stores. From solar lights near shrubs to hanging lights on pergolas to underwater lights on fountains, the options are nearly endless!

#4. Build a Small Stone or Flower Garden

If you have a smaller yard and want a gorgeous backyard that is low-maintenance, we suggest building a small stone garden or flower garden. This is also a great option for homeowners that have a limited budget, as you can find supplies for it at discount stores, yard sales, and more.

#5. Put up a Privacy Fence or Wall

Putting up a privacy fence or composite fencing is a task many people like to do in the summer, especially for families that want to keep kids and pets safe. Our landscape designers in Salt Lake City, UT can also plan out your yard with trees and other features that provide more privacy for your family.

Professional Landscape Design in Salt Lake City, UT & Surrounding Areas

Our team that does landscape design in Salt Lake City, UT can bring your backyard landscape dreams to life this summer. Create an oasis you’ll love with help from Civil Solutions Group. We look forward to serving you!

We provide everything from landscape design in Salt Lake City, UT to engineering firms in Jackson, WY. Call today to get in touch!  

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