13 key ethics every engineering firm should exhibit

13 Key Ethics Every Engineering Firm Should Exhibit

Jun 23, 2021 | General | 0 comments

Engineering is a profession that directly impacts the quality of life of all people in the communities it serves. As the leading engineering firm in Jackson, WY, Civil Solutions Group takes this responsibility very seriously and is committed to each of the ethics that guide who we are and the work we do. 

Our ultimate goal of course includes the success of each project, but also the honesty, fairness, and equity with which we treat people, and how we protect their health and safety. 

There are core ethics that every engineering firm should not only adhere to, but that should drive and motivate all of their practices. 

These, among others, are what each member of this vital profession should strive to live by—and what you can expect from our engineering firm in Jackson, WY

  1. Place above all else the health, welfare, and safety of the public. 
  2. Only undertake projects for which they are qualified and experienced to execute.
  3. Act as faithful agents, representatives, or trustees for each client. 
  4. Be truthful—avoid honesty and deceptive acts always.
  5. Be guided by honesty and integrity. Treat all people with respect, dignity, and fairness, and without discrimination. 
  6. First and foremost, serve the public interest. Be engaged in their communities. 
  7. Avoid all conduct, words, or actions that deceive individuals or the public. 
  8. Do not disclose any personal information in any category without consent. 
  9. Do not be influenced by any conflicting interests or compensations.
  10. Treat other engineers in the industry with the utmost respect. 
  11. Conform to state and federal laws. 
  12. Take personal responsibility for their actions. 
  13. Give credit where credit is due for engineering work. 

Engineering Firm In Jackson, WY 

Civil Solutions Group is the engineering firm in Jackson, WY you can trust to give you our best, guided by a strong code of ethics, throughout every phase of your project. 

Contact our engineering firm in Jackson, WY to get started.

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