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Wetland Delineation Salt Lake City, UT

Providing Wetland Delineation Consulting and Wetland Permitting in Salt Lake City, UT.

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Civil Solutions Group offers a variety of environmental planning services including wetland permitting and wetland delineation in Salt Lake City, UT.

Determining the accurate boundaries of wetlands within a plot of land helps ensure that the habitat is preserved. If the wetland will be impacted by construction, we will assist land owners, developers, and contractors during the permitting process to guarantee that your project is in compliance with the appropriate federal, state, and local requirements. 

Civil Solutions Group also provides wetland delineation services in Provo, Logan, and Jackson, WY


Get in touch with Civil Solutions Group for all your wetland permitting and delineation needs.


Wetlands offer a variety of benefits like flooding control, improving water quality, protecting biodiversity, and much more, so it’s necessary to take correct actions when pursuing projects in or around these areas.

Avoid Project Delays, Fines, and Roadblocks

Hiring an engineering firm to do permitting and wetland delineation in Provo, UT is a necessary step to avoid local, state, and federal violations. Not doing so may result in fines, extremely lengthy project delays, and other legal or financial roadblocks.

Maximize Land Use

When wetland delineation and permits are done early on in the development process, it helps maximize land usage for your project.

Protect Natural Habitats

We care about the environment and we know you do too. Our wetland delineation in Salt Lake City, UT helps eliminate the potential destruction of a natural wetland and even wildlife habitat.

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