Vineyard Town Center Planning

CSG was retained by North Logan City to lead the development of a new form-based code for the future city center. The planning process included: leading public workshops, task force committee workshops, planning workshops with City Council and Planning Commission, drafting the form-based code, and finalizing the code in collaboration with North Logan City. The code focuses on efficient land-use, high quality standards, proper form for streets, buildings, and walks, developing a mixture of residential types, and promoting a pedestrian friendly city center. The code and planning is mixed-use with commercial, residential, business, and recreation all working together. The code was developed with long-term sustainability in mind using the following principles: codes that encourage efficient and long lasting buildings, mixed-use, alternative transportation, LID storm water, water wise landscaping, and other elements.

Services Provided:

  • Form-based Code writing and zoning development
  • Land-use Zoning Planning
  • Community Survey
  • City Center Master Planning
  • Community Workshops Leadership
  • Town Square Planning
  • Trails Planning
  • Complete Streets Standards
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