Healthcare, Educators, Leaders & Innovators Complex (HELIX)

The Healthcare, Educators, Leaders & Innovators Complex (HELIX) will serve as a collaboration and office space for University of Utah Health faculty and staff. The site is located across the street from the Primary Children’s Hospital at the University of Utah. The site is nestled between the trax station to the east, Primary Children’s Eccles Outpatient Services building to the north and an existing 60’ retaining wall to the west. As a result of these constraints, the site was very challenging to capture and convey any stormwater on site. Two separate R-tanks were utilized to detain the stormwater which then was conveyed to the north and west of the site. A pedestrian bridge was also constructed over Mario Capecchi Drive to connect the HELIX building to Primary Children’s Hospital. CSG surveyed and located all existing utilities so that the piers of the bridge could then be strategically placed to miss the numerous utility lines in the area.

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