Land Surveyor Utah County, Utah

Civil Solutions Group has an in-house survey department equipped to meet every possible land usage need in Utah County.  With staff consisting of field technicians, draftsmen, and licensed professional land surveyors at multiple locations throughout Utah, we are staffed to respond to any land surveying need and can cover anywhere in Utah County.

Civil Solutions Group has helped expedite the process of hundreds of commercial land transactions by way of accurate, timely ALTA surveys.  We take pride in our survey responsiveness and our ability to complete both pre and post development ALTA surveys faster than our competitors.

Civil Solutions Group has expertise in analyzing and collecting topographical and feature survey information throughout the Midwest.  We understand the bottleneck that can oftentimes be created during a design project as the design team waits for survey data to arrive.  We take a proactive approach to planning and detailing this service to reduce time lost in the design process.

Boundary surveys comprise an important component in any land development project.  Civil Solutions Group has familiarity in land record research, property line determination, boundary line disputes, boundary line adjustments, and other issues that would necessitate a boundary survey to be completed.

Civil Solutions Group has a team of skilled technicians and professionals working in the office with experience in preparing preliminary plats, final plats, condominium plate, boundary line adjustments, and subdivision plats.  We have worked with most municipalities throughout the state of Utah and many scattered throughout the Midwest.  This experience has proven to save our clients time and project dollars as we are able to expedite the recording process.

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