Civil Solutions Group

Environmental Planning in Logan, UT

Designing sustainable environmental planning in Logan, UT for residential, commercial, and city projects.

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Civil Solutions Group offers the following services for environmental planning in Logan, UT:

  • Ecosystem Planning and Design
  • Wetland Delineation Consulting
  • Wetland Permitting
  • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments
  • Transaction Screens
  • FEMA Flood Certificates
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At Civil Solutions Group, our team of skilled engineers is available to assist with your upcoming residential, commercial, or city project. For additional details about our environmental planning services in Logan, UT, contact us today.

wetland delineation job site


I work with a large architecture firm in Downtown Salt Lake, but our projects have been all over the state. We have used Civil Solutions throughout the state and they have consistently met and exceeded our expectations. Not only are the great civil engineers, we also genuinely enjoy working with them because of the professionalism and team-oriented attitude to go above and beyond. Highly recommend!

J. Ryan Wallace / Google


I work for a large General Contractor and we have had CSG on our design team for civil and environmental, and Survey. They have been amazing to work with, I especially appreciate the practical way that they have handled some of the complicated issues that have come up on a very large and complicated project. They have always been very responsive and professional with all of our requests and questions. I would highly recommend using CSG for any project small or large they are great!

Cameron Bennett / Google


Great professional service. Worked together for years and look forward to many more projects together!

Ben Russell / Google


The professionals at Civil Solutions Group are awesome to work with! Great people, responsive communication, quality work, and quick project turn-around all make Civil Solutions a great company to do business with.

David Knight / Google


Civil Solutions Group has done a great deal of work for me, laying out of buildings, bench marks, grades, etc. They have always been on time, very courteous, professional, fair, and on time. I appreciate working with them and will continue to give them all my work.

Gene Ashton / Google

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