the role of a land surveyor in construction projects

The Role Of A Land Surveyor In Construction Projects

Jul 27, 2020 | General | 0 comments

When carrying out a construction project, the contribution of a land surveyor is crucial. So what exactly does a land surveyor do and how is their work essential for the success of projects throughout Provo, Draper, Ogden, and Salt Lake City, Utah? 

What Do Land Surveyors Do?

There are various types of land surveyors in Salt Lake City, UT, like boundary, engineering/construction, forensic, marine, mine, and geodetic.  

While the role of each type varies, the primary job of a land surveyor is to help prevent legal disputes in construction projects by thoroughly preparing the site and updating boundary lines using precise measurements. The data provided by a land surveyor is also essential for engineering and map making by providing information on the shape and contour of the Earth’s surface in specific areas. 

Land surveyors do so much more than operate a tripod. The precision required to make such accurate measurements requires a broad range of expertise in fields like mathematics, law, operating software, and the use of high-tech equipment. The information land surveyors gather is used in a variety of ways, from exploring new territories to developing and subdividing properties. 

Anywhere someone wants to build, settle, mine, or farm must first be surveyed to draw clean boundary lines and avoid trespassing on another’s property of crossing over into protected land. While land surveyors carry out many duties, among them are:

  • Perform measurements needed to build a thorough map of an area
  • Operate sophisticated field equipment
  • Make accurate calculations and provide images to support the findings
  • Understand and implement various software solutions to draft plans and make map measurements

Land surveyors in Salt Lake City, UT can work for developers and on major construction projects. In addition to measuring the land, the data they provide is used to consult architects, engineers, and urban and regional planners on their projects. Surveyors also have expert knowledge of property law and communicate that thoroughly with their clients. 

Land Surveyor In Provo, Draper, Ogden, And Salt Lake City

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If you’re looking for a land surveyor, trust our in-house team at Civil Solutions Group. 

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