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Landscape Architecture Herriman, UT

Professional landscape architecture and landscape design services in Herriman, UT

landscape architecture herriman ut


Civil Solutions Group offers the following Landscape Architecture services:

  • Commercial Landscape Design
  • Residential Landscape Design
  • Parks, Trails and Recreation Planning
  • Plaza and Courtyard Design
  • Water Feature Design
  • Garden Design
  • Landscape Construction Administration
  • Water Conservation
  • GPS Mapping Irrigation, Trees and Plants


Civil Solutions Group is Herriman, Utah’s and northern Utah’s leading landscape design and multi-disciplinary design company. Civil Solutions Group offers full service landscape architecture consisting of: master preparing, landscape design, yard layout, irrigation or sprinkler layout, community design, GIS mapping, planting layout and trellis layout. Before contacting a landscape professional, landscape design company or checking out a nursery to choose plants consult with Civil Solutions Group to supply you with landscape design services. Civil Solutions Group provides industrial and domestic landscape layout solutions.

On industrial or city projects Civil Solutions Group works with engineers, real property agents, designers, home management companies, cities, universities, and parks departments to bring landscape designs in Herriman, Utah to life. Civil Solutions Group commercial or public scope often includes: city preparation, property expert preparing, playground planning and design, irrigation GPS mapping, irrigation development, man-made or arterial grass area development for sports areas, form-based codes, city regulations, community layout and regional preparing. Stages in layout usually feature site evaluation, conceptual layout, schematic layout, design advancement, building files, help along with bidding process, and building administration. Civil Solutions Group has worked all over Herriman, Utah as experts in landscape architecture and design. Bring your project to life today!

herriman utah landscape design
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